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Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Chapter 13 can be one of the most incredible financial tools you have ever used. Are you behind in your mortgage or car payments? Owe tax debt? These are things that can be structured in a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. Contrary to popular belief, a Chapter 13 does not necessarily require to you repay all of your debt. Many of our clients in Chapter 13 have saved their homes, restructured their car loans, and repaid $0.00 to their other creditors.

Chapter 13 can:

  • bring your mortgage current;
  • in some cases, remove a second mortgage from your home;
  • restructure your car loan to a lower interest rate;
  • “cram down” your car loan so that you only have to repay the current fair market value, rather than the full amount of the loan;
  • remove a judicial lien from your home;
  • repay or even entirely avoid old tax debt;
  • avoid some or all of your unsecured debt such as credit cards, medical bills, payday loans, etc

Like a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, the filing of a Chapter 13 will stop creditor calls, stop wage garnishments, stop foreclosures, and repossession. In fact, if your car has been repossessed within the last ten days, Lanphier & Associates can get it back!

Don’t settle for just any Chapter 13 Bankruptcy attorney. Lanphier & Associates has decades of experience and can help you take advantage of the immense legal power that Chapter 13 Bankruptcy provides.

Call Lanphier & Associates now to schedule your free one-hour consultation with decades of Bankruptcy experience, you will find nobody better than Lanphier & Associates.

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